Increase Your Sales

Through substantial and fully automated customer retention

If you’re looking for a modern customer retention system for your company, then you’ve found just the right place. At ACmarketing, you may use the perfect customer retention system, irrespective of industry or business sector.

Customer Retention…

…By issuing discount vouchers instead of cash discounts.

Acquire New Customers…

…Through ACmoney sales campaigns and additional vouchers.


…Over all vouchers distributed by you in your internal internet area.

Creation and Free Activation…

…Of voucher sets with the “Product Group” module.

Cutting Discount Costs…

…By issuing discount vouchers which may only be used at your shop.

Word-of-Mouth Advertising…

…By spreading out your sales campaigns by means of voucher codes.

Increasing Your Sales…

…Through enthusiastic and returning customers.

Tips and Support…

…On how to continuously increase your sales.

ACmoney App…

…To keep you informed at any time and place.

The Modules

Great Functions

Issue discount vouchers fully automatically to your customers with our module Basic. These vouchers may only be used for the next upcoming purchase. This is durable customer retention.
Issue discount vouchers to a target group of your choice using our Sales Campaign module. These vouchers are subject to certain conditions, such as:

– a minimum purchasing value for using a voucher

– the period of validity of the vouchers

– the value of the voucher

– etc.

The conditions mentioned above help you ensure that your profits exceed the value of the vouchers you issue. This is customer acquisition – free of charge!

Our Mission

Our Promise

Our vision is to establish the most effective target group marketing system in Europe in order to enable online shops to achieve paramount success!

Customer Retention

For each purchase, your customers will receive a discount voucher which may only be used for their next purchase. This is an incentive for future purchases and fosters durable customer retention.

Customer Acquisition

Acquire new customers by means of targeted sales campaigns. ACmoney partners may begin sales campaigns tailored to specified target groups and limited by conditions set by the partners, such as a minimum purchasing value, a period of validity etc.

ACmoney by AmiciCard GmbH

Operators of online shops may be thrilled about a further feature for their shop. The new customer retention and acquisition system by AmiciCARD GmbH puts you into a position to issue discount vouchers which are centrally stored using a universal ACmoney customer number (if requested, a customer card is also possible).

ACmoney – One for All, All in One

Users can collect discount vouchers in all participating online shops with ACmoney. This puts an end to collecting innumerable loyalty cards which are only valid for one shop. Discount vouchers may, however, only be used in the shop in which they have been issued.

Your ACmoney Back End Area

As an ACmoney partner, you have access to your own back end area with all relevant information on issued and used discount vouchers, as well as all current and planned sales campaigns.

Tips and Support

ACmoney assist their partners when dealing with the following topics:
– How do I continuously increase my sales?
– Where can I make the most cost-effective purchases?
– How do I go about achieving promising advertisement?
– Full-time operator of an online shop. How do I get there?
– The internal attitude of successful people.
– and much more

Perfect, easy to use & also inexpensive! Great!

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Cancellation at a month’s notice

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Cancellation at a month’s notice

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Additional vouchers
Tips and Support
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